Big show countdown!

Firstly, apologies for the delay in this update. It has been an eventful start to 2018, an exciting result mixed with an unfortunate injury, however I am more than ready to give it my all on the 21st Feb.

I was fortunate my schedule allowed me to take a refreshing trip back to New Zealand over the holiday break, of which was filled with large physical sessions, in-depth debriefs and much needed vitamin D. I then boarded the plane and began my journey to Sweden… This ended up being a fairly eventful trip back to Europe that involved a missed flight connection, and lost baggage – luckily arriving the night before the race.

The Idre, Sweden, World Cup stop is one of my favorites, with some of the largest jumps and a technical course filled with a lot of passing which makes for an entertaining race. I was building well all week, posting fast training runs and feeling confident with my skiing. I had two solid qualification races. 

Finals racing was exciting and tight as always in World Cup competition. A photo finish for the first round led me to progress into the quarterfinal. Some physical contact with one of the French racers in the next heat caused me to lose my speed coming into a jump, resulting in a one legged, short and painful landing. Ended up in 13th place.

I was disappointed as a result of this injury to miss the following race, and flew to Canada for the last World Cup prior to the Olympics, hoping for a speedy recovery. After physio, scans and analysis, the outcome was two tears in my Meniscus and bone bruising… This could’ve been a lot worse, so as disappointed as I was to miss the race, the bigger picture was bright and my key focus now was on rehab and recovery. I have been disciplined and determined through the rehabilitation sessions and progress is showing.


 So here I am, touched down in Austria for my final on snow camp before the games. Working alongside the Aussies we have built a replica Olympic start section that I can’t wait to get to work on perfecting it. I have decided it is in my best interest to not attend the opening ceremony instead I have chosen to spend this time getting the best training prior to my event.

Massive thanks to Robbie Moore and all his help this season. 

This season has had its challenges with equipment, set up, and new environments, however always keeping the big picture in mind, this was necessary to allow the best possible preparation come February. I am extremely honoured and excited to represent New Zealand, my supporters and myself at the Olympic Games and make you all proud. I have full confidence in my speed, my mental, physical prep and everything I have done to get here. You better not miss it!

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  1. Hamish Cochran

    Hi Jamie
    I hope you have recovered well and have good training in the final build up.
    Best of luck on race day our energy and thoughts will be strongly with you.
    Best wishes
    Hamish and the gals and all our Merrell team

  2. David Gibbons

    We are delighted to hear your recovery is progressing well and training is back on track.
    Your confidence and determination is great to see and will clearly give you the best opportunity to achieve what you are capable of.
    We wish all the very best in your journey to deliver a medal for NZ and are eagerly awaiting the commencement of the Games.
    David and the team at Crombie Lockwood