Endless snow starts NZ season.

It has been a great start to the season with endless amounts of snow, Mt Hutt had a huge 2.8m snow storm which has set us up for a great season. I will try and keep the words to a minimum and let the pictures do the talking!


New HEAD skis arrived!

The last few months have been very busy, with lots of dry-land training. I have increased my body weight and have made some great gains in the gym.

Recently I was involved in the making of a TV commercial for the whisky company ‘Glenmorangie.’ This was a great experience and I got to go heli-skiing for the first time. The speed skiing helmet made it extremely challenging visually as it kept fogging!


My first time heli-skiing!


Film crew in the snowstorm- SnowFarm


Crazy suit.

Image 2


Grounded in Queesntown


The huge snow storm that hit the South island at the end of June caused me some trouble getting out of Queenstown, but after a detour to Auckland! I made it back to CHCH and arriving slightly late for my Uni exam, slightly stressful but somehow went well and I even managed an A+.


Lots of snow…


My back to snow camp at Mt Hutt has been progressing well having started off with Nils Coberger and now working with Chris Mosaed. I have made some big technical changes and I can’t wait to keep progressing.




Earlier this week, Nick and I did some filming for Formthotics in at Les Mills gym. Watch this space for a new video to be released covering our training 😉


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